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Using Network Synchronization in Your Project

Last Modified: September 27, 2021

Automatically synchronize acquisitions between systems across an Ethernet network.

Synchronization-enabled devices use the IEEE 802.1AS protocol over the network and cannot synchronize with devices that use other protocols or IEEE 1588 profiles or vice versa.

  1. Ensure that your system includes at least two devices that support network synchronization. Refer to the Supported Hardware topic for more information.
  2. Ensure that the synchronization-enabled devices in your system are using a connection configuration that supports network synchronization. You can use the following topology configuration options:
    • Line topology—Also known as daisy-chaining or bus topology. The host communicates directly with all nodes through one bus line. A standard Ethernet device or switch can be added to the end of the chain.
    • Ring topology—The host communicates with all nodes through the most effective path. You must use an external switch and configure the network properly before creating redundant links in the network.
    • Star topology—The host communicates directly with each node through an external switch. Redundant links are recommended, but optional. You must use an external switch and configure the network properly before creating redundant links in the network.

      For network synchronization, star topology configuration requires an external IEEE 802.1AS switch. All the devices and switches on the network must be compliant with the IEEE 802.1AS protocol for synchronization to be enabled.

    Refer to your device documentation, available at, for additional information on synchronization and networking.
  3. Ensure that synchronization is enabled by going to File»Preferences and checking Enable multi-chassis and network synchronization on the General tab.
When the network synchronization-supported devices in your system are properly connected and configured, and synchronization is enabled in FlexLogger, the SYNC displays green in the toolbar, indicating that synchronization is working properly. If the SYNC display is not appearing or is not green, refer to the Synchronization Status topic for troubleshooting information.

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