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Running a Test

Last Modified: September 27, 2021

Use your configured FlexLogger project to run tests and log data.

Before you begin, configure your hardware device channels and test configuration.
  1. Click RUN to run a test and start logging data. FlexLogger starts logging your test data based on your data logging configuration.


All channels are logged except output, variable, and System Resource Monitor channels, which cannot be logged

  1. To pause a running test, click Pause test ( ). When you pause a test, you temporarily suspend data logging, data logging triggers, and time-based events.


Value-based events continue running while a test is paused. For more information, refer to Adding an Event.

  1. To resume a paused test, click Resume test.
  2. To stop a running test, click STOP.
After you start logging data, FlexLogger creates a log file that you can view on the Data tab on the Navigation pane. The Data tab contains all of the log files for your project.

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