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Components of a FlexLogger Project

Last Modified: September 27, 2021

A FlexLogger project (.flxproj) contains all the documents and files that configure your system, define test automation, and log and monitor your data. Additionally, the project allows you to view and track the logged data files.

Access your project documents and files in the Navigation pane on the left of your view.

Project Files Tab

The Project Files tab includes documents that enable you to define settings for your measurement systems, test procedures, and data monitoring screens. Refer to the following table to learn more about each document.
Document Description
Channel Specification (.flxio) Configures the inputs and outputs of your measurement system. Specifies the conditions for triggering alarms.
Logging Specification (.flxcfg) Specifies the name, structure, and location for your log files and configures logging and triggering behavior.
Test Specification (.flxtest) Adds automation to your project to control output signals.
Screen (.flxscr) Displays data visualizations so you can monitor live signals and control your test system.

Data Tab

The Data tab stores the logged data files from your test procedures.

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