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Configuring a Log File

Last Modified: April 2, 2021

Use the Logging Specification document to configure the details of your logged data files such as file name, location, duration, and export options.

  1. Specify the base path for the location where your data file will be saved and file name. You can add test properties to a project and use them as placeholders when you specify your data log file name and location. Refer to the Adding Test Properties to a Project and Using Test Metadata as Placeholders for Log File Names and Locations topics for more information.
  2. Optional: Add a description to your log file.
  3. Optional: Specify any additional logging options:
    • Back up your data log files by saving them to an additional location. To enable data log file backup, check Back up file and specify the Backup path location.
    • Segment your data log files based on file size or time span so they are more manageable. Enable Segment into multiple files and specify how the files will be segmented.
    • Reduce the data logging rate to make log files more manageable.
    • Automatically export data log files in CSV format at a specified data rate.

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