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Adding a Plugin to Your Project

Last Modified: April 2, 2021

Extend the functionality of FlexLogger by adding a custom plugin to your project.

What to Use

The FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit guides you through planning, creating, and testing your custom plugins in LabVIEW. Once imported into FlexLogger, the software automatically generates the user interface required to configure the plugin measurements. The FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit is available for installation in NI Package Manager

For complete information on how to create, configure, and install a FlexLogger Plugin, refer to the FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit Manual, located in Program Files»National Instruments»LabVIEW <versionresource»FlexLogger»SDK. The manual installs with the FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit.

What to Do

  1. On the Channel Specification toolbar, select Add channels»Plugin and select the desired plugin from the menu.

    Plugin appears as an option for the Add channels button when valid plugins are detected. FlexLogger loads plugins from the following location: %public%\Documents\National Instruments\FlexLogger\Plugins\IOPlugins . For additional information on importing plugins into FlexLogger, refer to the FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit Manual.

    The selected Plugin appears in the Channel Specification under its host system.
  2. Click the Configure gear at the right edge of the plugin header to open the plugin parameters configuration dialog.
  3. Hover over an individual channel to see that channel's Configure gear . Click the gear to open the channel parameters configuration dialog. Channel-level parameters are applied only to the selected channel.

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