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Configuring a Log File

Last Modified: November 6, 2020

Use the Logging Specification to configure the details of your data files.

  1. Configure the Logging Specification with the desired settings for your data log file name, location, duration, export, test properties, and triggering options. You can add metadata to a project and use them as placeholders when you specify your data log file name and location. Refer to the Adding Metadata to a Project and Using Test Metadata as Placeholders for Log File Names and Locations topics for more information.
  2. Click RUN and STOP at the top of any of the documents to begin or stop logging data.

    All channels are logged except output, variable, and System Resource Monitor channels, which cannot be logged.

After you start logging data, FlexLogger creates a log file that you can view on the Data tab on the Navigation pane. The Data tab contains all of your log files for your project.

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