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Extending FlexLogger Functionality

Last Modified: August 20, 2020

Use additional interfaces to exchange data between FlexLogger and external systems.

Choose any of the following methods to extend the functionality of FlexLogger to integrate third-party I/O, add custom calculations, and communicate with external systems to supplement your data acquisition system.

Table 1.
Method Description
Add a Plugin to Your Project using the FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit

The FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit allows you to interact with third-party hardware and write custom calculations. FlexLogger plugins are created in LabVIEW and imported to run inside the FlexLogger environment.

Use SystemLink Tags to Exchange Data between FlexLogger and LabVIEW

FlexLogger can produce and consume SystemLink tags, which you can use to track data and interact with external applications such as LabVIEW VIs and executables.

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