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Adding Metadata to a Project

Last Modified: August 20, 2020

Add metadata to your project to include supplemental information in your log files.

  1. In your Logging specification document, specify values for the Operator and DUT in the Test Properties section, if desired. The fields for Operator and DUT are auto-populated, but can be changed or deleted, if desired. The logged-in user account name is the default value for Operator.
  2. To add additional arbitrary metadata, click Add property. A new line is added to the project metadata table.
  3. To customize the Property name and Property value, click the text you wish to change to highlight it, and type to replace the text.

    Property names must begin with a letter and cannot contain symbols. Duplicate Property Names will automatically be appended with sequential numbering.

    Property values can begin with or contain any characters supported by your system encoding.

  4. Select Prompt on start for any metadata items that you wish to be reminded to update before the test begins.
You can view your metadata in the log files after they are created and appear on the Data tab. When viewing the log file in the FlexLogger TDMS Viewer, the metadata can be located under Custom Properties in the properties pane.
Figure 1. Metadata Location in FlexLogger TDMS Viewer

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