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Setting Output Reset Values

Last Modified: March 11, 2020

Use the Reset Value to return your output channel to a known value.

You can set output channels to their Reset Value by creating an event and using the Reset output channels action.

  1. Hover over the channel row to see the Configure gear . Click the gear for the channel you wish to enable reset values on.
  2. Check Enable Reset Value, and specify the Reset Value.

The output channel will automatically return to the specified Reset Value if the channel is deleted, disabled or reassigned. The channel will also return to this value when the project is opened or closed.

The reset value cannot exceed the maximum output range of your device. Refer to the device specifications on for more information. Any Reset Value set outside of device limits will be coerced to be within the maximum output range. When pasting a channel with Reset Value enabled, the newly configured channel will automatically be set to the Reset Value.

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