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Viewing Data with Graphs

Last Modified: December 9, 2019

Use the Graph indicator to visualize your data.

FlexLogger includes the following graph types:
Graph Type Description
High-Speed Graph Visualize larger amounts of data over short time periods.
Long History Graph Visualize data over extended time periods.
Frequency Spectrum Graph Visualize the frequency spectrum of your signals.
XY Graph

Visualize data from one or more channels relative to the data of another channel.


To maintain performance, data is downsampled using a configurable finite impulse response (FIR) filter.

After adding the graph to your Screen and adding any channels to the graph that you want to view, complete the following steps to customize your graph properties. Available configuration options may vary by graph type.
  1. Adjust any necessary general graph and graph axis configuration Properties by clicking anywhere on the graph or axis and using the settings on the Item configuration pane located on the right of your view. If the Item pane is not visible, click the Expand button to view the pane. The configuration options that appear on the tab are specific to the part of the graph selected.

    The amount of data you can view is determined by the Visible length. The amount of data you can pause and analyze is determined by the history length. In the graph general properties settings, Visible length cannot exceed the history length total buffer size. Refer to the Setting the Graph History Length topic for information on how to adjust the default history length.

  2. Right-click on the graph or axes to access the pull-down menu for interacting with the graph or axis, adjusting graph or axis behavior, or changing the graph type. The configuration options that appear in the pull-down menu are specific to the part of the graph selected.
  3. Click on the hold button to pause the visualization and use the pan controls to analyze the graph history, or click the data source button on the control bar to remap the channels on the graph.

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