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Configuring Lowpass/Highpass Filter Channels

Last Modified: December 9, 2019

Add a channel produced by applying either a lowpass or a highpass Butterworth filter to an existing hardware channel. The lowpass or highpass filter channel displays filtered data that excludes any noise in the signal outside of the selected range.

  1. On the Channel Specification toolbar, select Add channel»Calculation»Filter. A configuration dialog opens.
  2. Click the Data source button. Select the channel to which you want to apply the filter.

    If no channels appear in the selector, ensure that you have configured channels in your Channel Specification.

  3. Specify a Name and Description for the calculated channel, if necessary. After you configure the calculated channel, you can see the live value reflecting the filter you applied to your data. You can use the filter calculated channel like any other channel defined in the Channel Specification.
  4. Select the Filter type you want to apply, and specify the Cutoff frequency for the filter.
  5. Click Done. A calculated channel appears at the top of the Channel Specification.

Calculated channel data is logged with all other channels configured in your Channel Specification. For more information on logging data, refer to the Logging Data topic.

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