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Configuring Counters in Your Channel Specification

Last Modified: August 23, 2019

You can add your counters to the project by configuring signals in the Channel Specification. You configure counters by enabling the line and determining the settings.

  1. Hover over the channel row to see the Configure gear . Click the gear for the channel you wish to configure. The channel configuration dialog opens.
  2. Use the Name field to specify the channel name, if necessary.
  3. Select the Physical Measurement you wish to acquire for this channel.

    For information on which physical counter measurement types are available for the sensor class you are using, refer to the Supported Sensor Class Types topic.

  4. Select the Sensor Class that will be used to take the counter measurement. The Physical, Electrical, and Scaling options that appear are specific to the selected sensor, if applicable.

    Available channel configuration options vary by counter measurement type.

  5. If applicable, record any sensor information or test procedures in the Sensor Properties field. To edit the Sensor Properties field, complete the following steps:
    1. Click the Sensor Properties edit icon at the top right of the box.
    2. Fill in the information in the Sensor Properties dialog that opens.
    The information will populate the Sensor Properties field of the channel configuration.
  6. If applicable, set the configuration options to the desired settings for the corresponding counter connected to the channel.
  7. If necessary, apply any scaling options to the counter. Refer to the Scaling Electrical Values to Physical Values topic for more information on available options.

After a Sensor Class is selected, Live value shows the raw electrical value being measured from your counter without any scaling applied to it. Raw values are meant for validation of the counter configuration and are not logged to a data file.

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