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Network Synchronization Status

Last Modified: June 26, 2019

This topic lists the network synchronization status displays for your FlexLogger project, and how to troubleshoot issues based on the status of your system.

FlexLogger supports network synchronization for supported devices. For information on network synchronization requirements and enabling network synchronization in your system, refer to the Using Network Synchronization in Your Acquisitions topic. If your system does not require or support network synchronization, you can disable this feature by going to File»Preferences and unchecking Enable network synchronization using 802.1AS on the General tab.

Refer to the following table to determine the synchronization status of your system and to determine how to resolve any synchronization errors.

Table 1. SYNC Status
No SYNC status in toolbar Your system has only one chassis or device.
Red: When clicked, error message displays which supported devices in your system are synchronized and which do not support synchronization. Network synchronization conditions have been met, but errors exist with the device or network setup. Verify that none of the following issues are present in your system:
  • The external switch used in the network configuration is not supported on the IEEE 802.1AS subnet.
  • Devices are connected on the network in more than one subnet.
  • Your device does not support network synchronization.
  • A supported device with configured channels is displayed in the project but is not present in the system.

Grey: Network synchronization feature is disabled in Preferences. Go to File»Preferences and ensure that Enable network synchronization using 802.1AS is checked.

Grey: Project is not correctly configured for synchronization over network.
  • Ensure that at least two chassis or devices support network synchronization.
  • Ensure that one or more channels are configured in at least two of the synchronization-supported devices on the network. Devices with no configured channels will not be included in the network.
Green Network synchronization is enabled and the device configuration is supported.

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