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Configuring I/O Channels

Last Modified: June 26, 2019

Acquire data or output signals by configuring the individual channels of your DAQ device for the measurement or generation.

  1. Add and configure signals to use in your Channel specification. Use any of the following options that apply to the devices in your system:
  2. Use any of the following features in your project, as applicable:
    Feature I/O Type Description
    Configure data rates Analog Input, Digital Input Adjust the frequency or interval at which your device acquires data.
    Set output reset values Analog Output, Digital Output Specify a known reset value for your output channels.
    Using Network Synchronization in Your Acquisition All Use network synchronization to automatically synchronize acquisitions between systems across an ethernet network.
    Scaling Electrical Values to Physical Values Analog Input, Digital Input Apply scaling to your sensor.
    Reducing Signal Noise Analog Input, Digital Input Add hardware and software filters to the input channels in your project.
    Add Alarms Analog Input, Digital Input Add alarms to the input channels in your project.
    Select a Strain Gage Analog Input, Digital Input Configure a strain gage for your strain measurements.

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