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Manually Exporting Your Data File to CSV File Format

Last Modified: September 14, 2018

Export your data files in the CSV file format on demand.

  1. On the Data tab, right-click the log file and select Export.
  2. In the Export to CSV file format dialog, specify the desired File location to save your file, if necessary. The default is the same location as the TDMS logging Base path.
  3. Specify the CSV file data rate, if necessary.

    All logged data channels are mapped to a common CSV data rate. The CSV data rate is applied as follows:

    • The common CSV start time is the first time stamp of all logged channels.
    • Each CSV time stamp uses the logged value in each channel that occurs just before or at the same time as the time stamp.
    • This CSV data rate mapping runs while any channel provides data. Exported log files from mapped channels might contain gaps at the end if any channel stopped providing data.
  4. Click OK to finish the data file export.

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