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Viewing Data with FFT Graphs

Last Modified: May 29, 2018

Use the FFT Graph to visualize the frequency spectrum of your signals.

After adding the FFT Graph to your Screen and adding any channels to the graph that you want to view, complete the following steps to customize your graph properties.

  1. Adjust any necessary General Charts Properties:
    1. Click anywhere on the chart, and use the sidebar properties to customize your chart settings.

      Use the Item tab on the right of the screen to make the following changes:

      • Add or remove channels from your chart.
      • Adjust any visual properties.
    2. Right-click the chart to make the following changes:
      • Change the scaling of the axes.
      • Adjust the scale mapping of the axes.
  2. Adjust any necessary settings for the axes on your charts:
    1. Click on the axis you wish you change, and use the Item tab on the right of the screen to customize the axis visual settings.
    2. Right-click the axes to customize the axis behavior.
  3. Click on the hold and pan controls to pause the visualization and analyze the graph history.

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