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Configuring Calculated Channels

Last Modified: May 29, 2018

Add a calculated channel to analyze or scale data from existing hardware channels. A calculated channel produces a new value based on calculations performed on other channels in the system.

  1. In the Channel Specification, click Add Calculation. A calculated channel appears at the top of the Channel Specification.
  2. Configure the calculated channel.
    1. Hover over the new channel row to see the Configure gear in the Channel name column. Click the gear.
    2. Specify a name, unit of measure, and description for the calculated channel.

      For examples of formula syntax and a list of supported functions, operators, and constants, refer to the Calculation Formula Options topic.

    3. In Formula, specify a formula to apply to data from an existing channel. Suggested formulas appear when you begin typing.
    4. Within the formula, enter the name of a hardware channel whose data you want to manipulate. You can also input constants, such as pi.
    5. Click Done.
    After you configure the calculated channel, you can see the live value reflecting the formula you applied to your data. You can use the calculated channel like any other channel defined in the Channel Specification.

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