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FlexLogger Projects

Last Modified: May 21, 2018

A FlexLogger project (.flxproj) contains all the documents and files that configure your system, and log, store, and visualize your data.

To begin interacting with your measurement system and creating logging configurations, create a new project in one of the following ways:
  • Create a New Project from the launcher.
  • Select File»New»Project from the menu bar.

Documents that configure the settings for your measurement system, your data logging behavior, and your data viewing preferences are located on the Project Files tab on the Navigation pane on the left of your view. Access all your logged data files on the Data tab.

Projects contain the following types of documents:

  • Channel Specification (.flxio)—Add signals to your measurement system by selecting and configuring sensors for their corresponding channel.
  • Logging Specification (.flxcfg)—Select a name structure and location for your log files, and configure logging and triggering behavior.
  • Screen (.flxscr)—Create a dashboard to view and analyze live signals.

Open documents by double-clicking the file name on the Project Files tab. Return to the Navigation pane by clicking the Project Files tab.

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