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Calculation Formula Options

Last Modified: May 21, 2018

Use standard math operators, functions, and constants to customize existing hardware channels in the system.

Refer to the following table for examples of formula formats that you can use to configure a calculated channel.

Formula Example Format Description
'channel name' + x Element-wise addition
'channel name x' + 'channel name y' Element-wise addition
'channel name' * x Element-wise multiplication
'channel name x' * 'channel name y' Element-wise multiplication
sin('channel name') Apply the function 'sin' for all the element in the 'channel name'
x - y Arithmetic subtraction
x / y Arithmetic division
x + y * z (Where x = 2, y = 3, and z = 4) Arithmetic equation; should equal 14
(x + y) * z (Where x = 2, y = 3, and z = 4) Arithmetic equation; should equal 20
1.23e-5 Number with scientific representation.
sin(pi) Constant usage
-'channel name' Unary minus
+'channel name' Unary plus (a no-op)
'channel'^2 Power operator

Note: Element-wise calculation will be done if one of the operand is channel name, or the parameter is channel name.

Note: The data type for all numerics is double-precision, floating-point.

Supported Functions sin
Supported Operators +
( )
Supported Constants Pi

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