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Configuring and Saving a Project

Last Modified: January 1, 2018

Specify properties and other information for your project and save it for reuse.

  1. Record any sensor or channel information.
    1. Open the channel configuration dialog by clicking the configuration icon that corresponds to the channel.
    2. Click the edit icon on the General Info»Sensor Properties dialog. When reusing a project, any devices saved to the configuration not present in the system will display as unavailable.
    The Sensor Properties dialog opens. Record any channel information and click OK.
  2. Record any project-level information, such as lab instructions, in the Description field of the Logging Specification document (.flxcfg).
  3. Select File»Save All to save the project.

Only one FlexLogger project can be open for acquisition and logging at any time. You cannot use multiple FlexLogger projects simultaneously.

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