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Verifying Continuity

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    1. Double-click the Test System Maintenance Software shortcut on the desktop to launch the ECU Test System Maintenance Software.
    2. Select Check Continuity under the Operations section.
    3. Click the Run Selected Operations button.
    4. Verify there is not an ITA or FDT connected to the ECUTS then click the Continue button.
    5. When prompted, complete the following steps to connect the FDT to the mass interconnect:
      1. Pull the handle on the mass interconnect down to the open position.
      2. Connect the FDT to the mass interconnect.
      3. Push the handle on the mass interconnect up to the locked position.
    6. Click the Continue button to start the continuity test.
    7. Wait for the UI to indicate that continuity testing is complete.
    8. Confirm that all ECUTS components passed. If any component failed, check the footnote in the report for additional details.

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