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    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    The load-switching instrumentation in the ECUTS includes up to twelve switch load signal conditioning (SLSC) fault insertion units (FIU) that provide high-current switching and current measurement. Refer to the SLSC-12251 and SLSC-12252 User Manual to learn more about SLSC capabilities, including routing information and supported signal bandwidth.

    The ECUTS supports the following:
    • Up to twelve SLSC-12251 5 A fault insertion units
    • Up to six SLSC-12251 8 A fault insertion units
    • Up to three SLSC-12252 30 A fault insertion units
    Depending on your configuration, you can use one or two PXIe-6375 to take current measurements from the fault insertion units. If you are using an ECUTS configuration that contains six SLSC-12251 and two SLSC-12252 modules, use a USB-6363 to take current measurements from SLSC-12252 channels.

    The IP address assigned to the SLSC chassis is

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