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Powering On After Thermal Shutdown

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    The ECUTS has two safety shutoff thermostats on the interior of the test rack. Thermostats are located near the hot air exhaust vent in the front and back of the test rack. When triggered by a thermal event, the thermostats shut down the ECUTS by cutting power to the power entry AC outlet(s). To reset the thermostats after they have tripped, complete the following steps:

    Allow the ECUTS surface to cool to 65 °C before performing any maintenance or service procedures.


    Attendez que la température de surface de l'ECUTS descende sous 65 °C avant d'effectuer toute procédure de maintenance ou de réparation.

    1. Disconnect MAINs power from the PEP.
    2. Open the rear cabinet door.
    3. Press the red button on the bottom of each thermostat.

      Thermostats must cool to 65 °C before resetting.

    4. Restart the ECUTS using the Powering On procedure.
    5. Close and lock the rear cabinet door.

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