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Power States

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    Table 1. Power States
    Power State PEP PDU Temperature Controller
    On On On On
    Off Off Off Off
    Standby On Off On
    EPO DC Power Only Off On
    • On—A change to this state begins the ECUTS main power on sequence. All PDUs receive AC power and enable outlets to other instruments.
    • Off—The ECUTS is entirely disabled with no power passing through the line filter or any internal test rack components.
    • Standby—AC and DC power is passing out of the PEP and into the thermostat on the EPO panel and the PDU. AC power is not passing out of the PDU. When the ECUTS is in standby, MAINs power is connected to the PEP and the main breaker on the PEP is in the on position, but the main power switch on the EPO panel is off.
    • Emergency power off (EPO)—Pressing the EPO button immediately cuts AC power from the PEP and PDU(s). The ECUTS will power back on once the EPO button is released unless the main power switch or main breaker are turned off. The ECUTS enters the emergency power off state automatically if the following conditions occur:
      • The temperature controller on the EPO panel is reading a higher temperature than the programmed shutoff value. The system will power back on when the over-temperature condition clears.
      • The safety shutoff thermostats have detected unsafe air exit temperature. Refer to Powering on After Thermal Shutdown for more information.

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