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Measuring Current on a Channel

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    The SLSC-12251 and SLSC-12252 modules provide current sensing on each DUT channel. The ECUTS includes additional instrumentation necessary to perform current measurements.

    To read the current from SLSC channels using the TestStand ECU Software Toolkit, complete the following steps.
    1. Open or create a sequence file in TestStand.
    2. Insert an SLSC FIU – Read Current step from IO Configuration»Instrument Control »SLSC 12251/2 in the Insertion Palette pane.
    3. Configure the step in the Step Settings pane by selecting the Switch Executive Virtual Device associated with your SLSC module.

      Click the Switch Executive icon to open the selected Switch Executive Virtual Device in Switch Executive.

    4. Click the + button to add current measurement channels.
    5. Assign a numeric variable for each channel to which the data will be saved.
    6. Use the Limits tab to configure a comparison type for the step to pass/fail the step according to the acquired measurement.

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