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Field Diagnostic Tester

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    Use the field diagnostic tester (FDT) to verify continuity for instruments attached to the mass interconnect.


    The FDT can only verify continuity on instruments that are included in the original ECUTS configuration shipped by NI.

    The FDT has three status LEDS:

    • 12 V – On when the FDT receives 12 V power from the ECUTS.
    • 24 V – On when the FDT receives 24 V power from the ECUTS.
    • ACTIVITY – Blinks when the FDT acknowledges a command from the ECU Test System Maintenance Software.

    Refer to the FDT-16041 Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information document for FDT safety information.

    Refer to Verifying Continuity for additional information on using the FDT.

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