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ECUTS Does Not Power On

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    • Check the power source connection and voltage supply.
    • Verify that the main power switch is turned to the On position.
    • Confirm that the EPO button is not engaged.
    • Verify that the main breaker is in the On position on the PEP.
    • Verify that the temperature controller on the EPO panel has not detected a temperature higher than the programmed shutoff value.
    • Checking the incoming power lights on the rear side of the PDU.
    • Verify that the PDU main breaker is on and that the control breaker is depressed.
    • Check that the cables in and out of the PDU are connected.
    • Verify the shutoff thermostats have been reset if the ECUTS shut down due to thermal overload.

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