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Configuring Pneumatics

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    The ECUTS does not ship ready for use with facility compressed air. To configure the ECUTS pneumatics to route compressed air, use the following guidelines:

    • Use 6 mm outer diameter tubing to connect to the pneumatic air port on the back of the test rack.
    • Mount pneumatic components such as regulators and valves on the bottom of the test or in empty test rack space.
    • If installed, do not remove the ECUTS ballast plates from the bottom of the test rack. Removing the ballast plates may cause the ECUTS to become unstable.
    • Connect to the pneumatic output ports using 6 mm outer diameter tubing.

      Available pneumatic output ports on the mass interconnect are J9, J10, or J16 (if populated), in the pin 1 location.

    The mass interconnect receiver has a contact switch that closes when an ITA mates to the receiver. You can use the contact switch to control a valve to stop the flow of air when removing a fixture from the mass interconnect.

    The mating connection on the ITA is a VPC Pneumatic Contact 610132106, 610132110, 610132111, or 610132112 in the VPC Mini Power Module 510108115.

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