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ECUTS-16000 Component Locations

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    Refer to the following figures to locate internal and external ECUTS-16000 components.

    Figure 1. ECUTS-16000 Front Exterior
    1. Emergency Power Off (EPO) Panel
    2. Cable Brush Panel
    3. Mass Interconnect
    4. Exhaust Panel for Electronic Loads (Optional)
    Figure 2. ECUTS-16000 Front Interior (Monitor Not Shown)
    1. PXI Instrumentation
    2. PXI Controller
    3. RMX Power Supplies (RMX-410x)
    4. Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
    5. SLSC-12001
    6. RMX Load Mainframe (RMX-4002)
    Figure 3. ECUTS-16000 Left Side Interior (Monitor Not Shown)
    1. PXI-4112 Power Supplies (Optional)
    2. USB-6363 Multifunction I/O Module (Optional)
    Figure 4. ECUTS-16000 Right Side Interior (Monitor Not Shown)
    1. NI-XNET Transceiver Cables (Optional)
    2. PXI-4112 Power Supplies (Optional)
    Figure 5. ECUTS-16000 Rear Exterior
    1. Monitor
    2. Monitor Arm and Keyboard Tray
    3. Removable Rear Panel Door
    4. Rear Cable Entry Brush Panel
    5. Panel Pneumatic Air Port
    6. Power Entry Panel (PEP)
    7. Air Intake and Filter
    Figure 6. ECUTS-16000 Rear Interior (Monitor Not Shown)
    1. USB Hub
    2. Ethernet Switch
    3. PXI Chassis
    4. Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
    5. SLSC Chassis
    6. PS-16
    7. Multioutlet
    8. RMX Power Supplies
    9. RMX-4002 Load Mainframe
    10. RMX-400x Electronic Load Devices

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