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    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    NI provides calibration services for instruments in the ECUTS that require calibration. NI recommends that you adhere to the calibration interval for all supported instruments in your system. For the latest information about available calibration service levels for your instrument, refer to

    Table 1. Instrument Calibration Intervals
    Instrument Function Recommended Calibration Interval
    PXIe-4081 DMM 2 years
    PXIe-4082 DMM 2 years
    PXIe-4112 Programmable Power Supply 2 years
    PXIe-4139 SMU 1 year
    PXIe-4309 Analog Input 2 years
    PXIe-4310 Analog Input 2 years
    PXIe-4322 Analog Output 1 year
    PXIe-6738 Analog Output 2 years
    PXIe-5105 Oscilloscope 2 years
    PXIe-5110 Oscilloscope 2 years
    PXIe-5163 Oscilloscope 2 years
    PXIe-5413 Waveform Generator 2 years
    PXIe-5433 Waveform Generator 2 years
    PXIe-6366 Multifunction I/O Module 2 years
    PXIe-6386 Multifunction I/O Module 2 years
    PXIe-6375 Current measurement for SLSC 2 years
    USB-6363 Current measurement for SLSC 2 years
    SLSC-12251 Current Measurement for SLSC 2 years
    SLSC-12252 Current Measurement for SLSC 2 years
    RMX-4003 Electronic Load 1 year
    RMX-4005 Electronic Load 1 year

    Factors such as shelf life and storage temperature can affect an instrument's recommended calibration interval. Refer to the specifications document for your instrument to calcuate the appropriate calibration interval.

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