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(ECUTS-16001) Replacing PXI Instrumentation in the Lower PXI Chassis

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021


    • #2 Phillips screwdriver
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Antistatic protective bag
    1. Power off the ECUTS-16001.
    2. Fold down the keyboard tray to provide access to filler panels.
    3. Remove the four screws from each filler panel between the keyboard tray and the EPO panel using the #2 Phillips screwdriver.
    4. Remove the filler panels.
    5. Disconnect all the cables from the PXI instrument.
    6. Remove the terminal block PXI instruments.
      1. Ensure that the devices and circuits connected to the terminal block are powered down and are no longer hazardous live.
      2. Loosen the mounting screw located at the top of the terminal block using the #2 Phillips screwdriver.
      3. Raise the terminal block latch release using a flathead screwdriver to disengage the latch.
      4. With the latch release raised, pull the terminal block away from the module.
      5. Store the terminal block in an antistatic protective bag.
    7. Remove the non-terminal block PXI instruments.
    8. Remove the two front panel mounting screws from the PXI instrument using the #2 Phillips screwdriver.
    9. Eject the PXI instrument from the chassis using the ejector handle.
    10. Slide the PXI instrument out of the chassis.
    11. Install the non-terminal block replacement PXI instruments.
      1. With the ejector handle engaged, slide the replacement PXI instrument into the appropriate chassis slot.
      2. Lock the replacement PXI instrument in the chassis slot by pulling up on the ejector handle.
      3. Tighten the front panel mounting screws using the #2 Phillips screwdriver.
    12. Install the instruments with a terminal block.

      To prevent damage to equipment when high voltages are present, all terminal blocks are keyed to prevent connection between incompatible terminal blocks, modules, and/or cables.

      1. Push the terminal block into the instrument. A spring mechanism locks into the bottom of the terminal block.
      2. Tighten the mounting screw at the top of the terminal block to attach it to the instrument using the #2 Phillips screwdriver.
    13. Connect all the cables to the replacement PXI instrument.
    14. Replace each filler panel between the keyboard tray and the EPO panel.
    15. Screw in the four filler panel screws on each filler panel using the #2 Phillips screwdriver.
    16. If you replaced the PXI controller, refer to Configuring the PXI Controller.

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