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ECUTS-16001 Power Consumption and Dissipation

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    When adding components to the ECUTS-16001, consider the total power consumption and dissipation budget.

    The maximum allowable input current is limited to 24 A, so power consumption is dependent on the operating voltage. For example:

    • 200 V * 24 A = 4,800 W
    • 230 V * 24 A = 5,520 W
    • 240 V * 24 A = 5,760 W

    The following list indicates the maximum power that can be dissipated inside the ECUTS-16001 for a given ambient temperature with the lowest rated components installed. Additional power beyond the rated levels can be passed to components located externally to the ECUTS-16001.

    The ambient temperature ratings and power dissipation limitations in the following list does not guarantee the thermal performance of components in the ECUTS-16001, only that the ECUTS-16001 contains adequate cooling capacity to provide the rated internal rack the ambient temperature needed to support properly rated and installed components. Ensure individual components installed in the ECUTS-16001 are within their specified operational ranges.


    Must be used only with certified components having ambient ratings that fall within the maximum internal air temperature ratings of the following list.


    Doit être utilisé uniquement avec des équipements certifiés dont les valeurs nominales ambiantes correspondent aux valeurs maximales de température de l'air interne figurant dans le tableau suivant.


    All components inside the ECUTS-16001 must be powered directly, or indirectly, through the power entry panel.

    • 23 °C Ambient: 4,300 W
    • 28 °C Ambient: 3,400 W
    • 40 °C Ambient: 1,350 W

    The power dissipation for each subsystem is dependent on configuration and usage. The table below shows the maximum power of each subsystem in the ECUTS-16001.

    Table 1. ECUTS-16001 Maximum Power Consumption and Dissipation
    Subsystem Maximum Consumption Maximum Dissipation Notes
    PXI-1095 1,000 W 1,000 W Actual power varies with instrumentation configuration and usage
    PXI-1084 800 W 800 W Actual power varies with instrumentation configuration and usage
    SLSC 350 W 350 W Assumes 12 FIU modules
    RMX-410x 2,500 W 500 W Assumes a maximum 2,000 W output
    Fixed User DC Power Supplies 125 W 25 W Assumes both 12 V and 24 V outputs at 50 W
    System Overhead 100 W 100 W Comprised of internal power supplies, fans, and so on.

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