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ECUTS-16000 Components

    Last Modified: March 29, 2021

    Table 1. ECUTS-16000 Required Hardware Components
    Component Type Part Description
    Test Rack RMX-10011 Custom ATE Core Configurations assembly, low power, 24U with included:
    • Power distribution unit (PDU)
    • Power entry panel (PEP)
    • Ethernet switch
    • Fan panel
    PXI Components PXIe-1084 or


    18-Slot (17 hybrid slots), up to 4 GB/s PXI chassis

    18-Slot (5 Hybrid Slots, 11 PXI express slots, 1 PXI express system timing slot), up to 24 GB/s PXI chassis

    PXIe-8861 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Xeon PXI controller
    Mass Interconnect 9025 or 9025TR Virginia Panel Corporation 25-slot receiver
    Peripheral Components Keyboard + Mouse USB keyboard and optical USB mouse
    U2419H Dell UltraSharp 24” monitor
    Table 2. ECUTS-16000 Optional Hardware Components
    Component Type Maximum Quantity Part Description
    PXI Components 6 PXI-2520 80-Channel, 2 A, SPST relay module
    12 PXIe-2527 32-Channel, 2-wire multiplexer switch module
    1 PXI-2564 16-Channel, 5 A, SPST relay module
    6 total PXIe-2737 4 × 64, 2-Wire matrix switch module
    PXIe-2738 8 × 32, 2-Wire matrix switch module
    PXIe-2739 16 × 16, 2-Wire matrix switch module
    4, +1 per defined J3-J8 switch slot PXIe-4081 7½-Digit multimeter with 1.8 MS/s isolated digitizer
    PXIe-4082 6½-Digit Multimeter with 1.8 MS/s Isolated Digitizer, L and C Measurement Support
    4 PXIe-4112 2-Channel, 60 V, 1 A programmable power supply
    4 PXIe-4139 ±60 V, 10 A, 40 W DC source power, 100 fA precision source measure unit
    4 PXIe-4309 2 MS/s, 28-Bit flexible resolution analog input
    PXIe-4310 with TB-4310 (600 V) [1] 16-Bit, 8-channel, 400 kS/s, Ch-Ch isolated analog input module
    8, +1 per defined J3-J8 switch slot PXIe-4322 16-Bit, 8-channel, 250 kS/s Ch-Ch isolated analog output module
    2 total PXIe-5105 8-Channel, 60 MHz bandwidth, 12-bit oscilloscope
    PXIe-5110 2-Channel, 100 MHz bandwidth, 8-bit oscilloscope
    PXIe-5163 2-Channel, 200 MHz bandwidth, 14-bit oscilloscope
    2 total PXIe-5413 20 MHz, 2-channel, 16-bit waveform generator
    PXIe-5433 2-Channel, 80 MHz bandwidth, 16-bit waveform generator
    4 total PXIe-6366 8 AI (16-bit, 2 MS/s/ch), 2 AO, 24 DIO multifunction I/O module
    PXIe-6386 8 AI (16-bit, 14 MS/s/ch), 2 AO, 24 DIO, PXI multifunction I/O module
    4 PXIe-6738 1 MS/s, 16-bit analog output
    2 PXIe-8510 6-Port vehicle multiprotocol interface module, populated in pairs of CAN HS/FD or LIN transceivers
    1 PXIe-8430/8 8-Port, RS232 serial instrument control module
    2 PXIe-8523 4-Port 100/1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet
    SLSC 2 PXIe-6375 PXI MIO (for SLSC use only)
    1 USB-6363 USB MIO (for SLSC use only)
    1 SLSC-12001 12-Slot chassis for SLSC

    Up to 12 (5 A max)

    SLSC-12251 16-Channel, 8 A, fault insertion unit
    3 SLSC-12252 8-Channel, 30 A, fault insertion unit
    Power Supplies 8 total RMX-4101, 20V 20 V, 10 A, programmable power supply device
    RMX-4101, 36V 36 V, 6 A, programmable power supply device
    RMX-4101, 60V 60 V, 3.5 A, programmable power supply device
    RMX-4102, 20V 20 V, 20 A, programmable power supply device
    RMX-4102, 36V 36 V, 12 A, programmable power supply device
    RMX-4102, 60V 60 V, 7 A, programmable power supply device
    Electronic Loads 1 RMX-4002 4-Slot electronic load device mainframe
    4 total RMX-4003 2-Channel, 100 W, electronic load device
    RMX-4005 1-Channel 350 W, electronic load device
    Peripheral Components 1 USB hub 7-Port USB 2.0 hub
    1 FDT-16041 Field diagnostic tester for ECU Test System
    • 1 Maximum input voltage in ECUTS-16000: 60 VDC, Measurement Category I.

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