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ECU Test System

    Last Modified: March 4, 2021

    The ECU Test System (ECUTS) supports testing of ECUs and provides parallel ECU tests. The ECUTS provides fast delivery for consistent, timely global deployment; faster test to meet production goals, and a standardized starting point from hardware to systems management to reduce total cost of test and improve maintainability.

    Finding Documentation for Your ECU Test System

    Use the links in the following table to discover the available online documentation for your ECU Test System.


    Several of the following documents are also available as PDFs. Select Browse Documentation PDFs on this page to discover PDFs available for download.

    Document Contents
    ECUTS-16000/16001 User Manual
    ECUTS-16000 Specifications or ECUTS-16001 Specifications
    • Physical characteristics
    • Power requirements
    • Maximum thermal load
    • Compressed air
    • DC output
    • I/O characteristics
    • Environmental specifications
    • Hardware components
    ECU Test System Suite Readme Contains included components and installation instructions.
    Test System Maintenance Software Help
    • Verify system configuration
    • Adjust resource names/aliases
    • Reset and self-test instruments
    • Check continuity using a field diagnostic tester
    • Run self-calibration
    • Generate a system status report

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