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User Command Reference

    Last Modified: April 26, 2017

    The NI-5772 allows you to configure the clock, ADC, sampling, and other settings with the User Command, User Data 0, and User Data 1 signals.

    User Setting User Command User Data 0 Value User Data 1 Value User Return Value
    ADC Self-Calibration 1 Performs a self-calibration on the ADC12D800RF. N/A N/A
    Set TIS Mode 4 0 = TIS mode disabled

    1 = TIS mode (Channel 0 only) enabled

    2 = TIS mode (Channel 1 only) enabled

    3 = Dual-TIS Mode (Channels 0 and 1) enabled


    DC-coupled modules do not support Dual-TIS Mode.

    N/A N/A
    Count Metastability 5 Issues 1,000 timestamp measurements and returns the number of timestamps that are metastable. N/A N/A
    Set Timestamp Source 6 Selects the source of the timestamp measurement. N/A N/A
    Read Revision 240 Reads the CLIP revision number. N/A N/A
    Read Oldest Compatible Revision 242 Reads the CLIP Oldest Compatible Revision number. N/A N/A
    Reinitialize 255 Configures the NI-5772 to its default power-on configuration. N/A N/A

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