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    Last Modified: February 24, 2017

    PCI Express control of PXI Express/CompactPCI Express

    • Compatible with NI rack-mount controllers and Dell and Hewlett-Packard computers
    • Lightweight, flexible fiber-optic cabling up to 100 m with electrical isolation
    • Multichassis configurations for PXI Express
    • Sustained throughput up to 838 MB/s
    • Low-profile PCI Express interface; shipped with low-profile and standard size brackets

    The MXI-Express x4 for PXI Express link consists of a PCIe-8375 board in the PC that is connected via a x4 MXI-Express fiber-optic cable to a PXIe-8375 module in slot 1 of a PXI Express chassis. With the fiber-optic PXIe-PCIe8375 kit, you can electrically isolate your PXI Express measurement hardware from the PC with extended length cabling up to 100 m.

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