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    Last Modified: February 22, 2017

    MXI-Express for Remote PCI Control of PXI, Copper Cabling

    • Direct PC control of PXI via a PCI slot
    • Software-transparent link requires no programming
    • Link performance - 100 MB/s sustained
    • Copper cabling up to 7 m with rugged screw-in connectors
    • Software-transparent MXI-Express link that requires no programming
    • Low-profile PCI board; low-profile and standard brackets are included in the kit

    With the PXI-PCI8360 remote controllers, you can control PXI and CompactPCI systems from your PC with a PCI slot by using a fully transparent MXI-Express link connected with copper cabling. The PXI-PCI8360 products consist of the PCI-8361 board connected via a MXI-Express cable to the PXI-8360 module in slot 1 of a PXI chassis. These products provide up to 100 MB/s of sustained throughput to the PXI or CompactPCI system.

    For product specifications and more information, refer to the user manual.

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