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Functional Overview

    Last Modified: February 22, 2017

    MXI-Express Gen II x8 is based on PCI Express technology. A MXI-Express Gen II x8 kit uses PCI Express switches to enable control of a PXI Express or CompactPCI Express chassis from a PC with an available PCI Express slot, or from a PXI Express chassis with an available PXI Express slot. The switch architecture is transparent to device drivers, so no additional software is needed for CompactPCI Express level support for PXI Express devices in connected chassis.


    For full PXI/PXI Express functionality such as chassis and controller identification, trigger routing, and slot detection, install the PXI Platform Services software included with your kit. You also can find this software at by searching for PXI Platform Services.

    The link between the PC and the chassis is a Gen II x8 cabled PCI Express link. This link is a dual-simplex communication channel comprised of eight low-voltage, differentially driven signal pairs. The link can transmit at a rate of 40 Gbps in each direction simultaneously.


    This link is compatible with the cabled PCI Express specification developed by the PCI-SIG.

    Figure 1. PCIe-8381 (153094x-01L) Block Diagram

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