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Capturing and Analyzing Data

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

You can save and analyze the data that a device or code generates in a variety of ways. Viewing data in different formats can provide insight into trends or outliers in the data.

What to Use

  • An application that generates data

What to Do

Use the editor to capture, store, and analyze data.

Use indicators on the panel to display data that your application generates. Right-click a control, indicator, or terminal and select Capture data to capture and save the data to use later.
Use the Capture panel data button to save selected data as a data item.
View and interact with all the data you captured in a project in the Captured Data tab. Each data item represents a piece of data that originated from a single data source at a single time.
You can double-click a data item to view it in the workspace, which shows the data in an interactive graph. If the data is an analog waveform of double-precision floating-point numbers or a 1D array of double-precision floating-point numbers, you can apply and customize an analysis filter by choosing an option in the Plots tab.

Right-click a data item in the Captured Data tab and select Export to export data to the following file formats:

  • Comma-separated values file (.csv)
  • Technical Data Management Streaming file (.tdms)
  • MATLAB® formatted binary file (.mat)

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