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Layouts (G Dataflow)

Last Modified: January 25, 2019

Organize the appearance of controls and indicators or display the panel of other VIs.

When Should I Use a Tab Control?

Tab controls are useful when you have several panel objects that are used together or during a specific phase of operation. For example, you might have a VI that requires the user to first configure several settings before a test can start, then allows the user to modify aspects of the test as it progresses, and finally allows the user to display and store only pertinent data.

How Do I Use a Panel Container?

Panel containers display the panel of a running VI in the panel of the current VI. To access the panel container on the diagram, you must create a panel container reference. To create a reference, right-click the panel container and select Create reference. Place the panel container reference on the diagram and use the reference with the Panel Container nodes.

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