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Configuring an Existing VI For Use As a SubVI

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

To turn an existing VI into a subVI, use the icon editor to assign input and output terminals and to customize the appearance of the subVI node.

What to Do

Select Edit» Icon and connector pane to display the icon editor.
Select an icon template. You can set a background color and choose whether to include the filename on the icon. You can also save the current design as a custom template.
Select a template for the terminal layout based on the number of terminals you need.

You can drag the bottom right corner of the icon to change the number of terminal selectors displayed.

Click a terminal selector to assign a control or indicator on the subVI panel or diagram to a specific input or output of the subVI.
Drag text and graphics from the palette to the icon to depict what the subVI does.
To use a VI as a subVI on another diagram, drag the VI from the Project Files tab to the other diagram and wire the input and output terminals.

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