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cRIO-9058 LEDs

    Last Modified: April 26, 2019

    POWER LED Indicators

    The following table describes the POWER LED indicators.

    Table 1. POWER LED Indicators
    LED Pattern Indication
    Solid The cRIO-9058 is powered on.
    Off The cRIO-9058 is powered off.
    Table 2. STATUS LED Indicators
    LED Pattern Indication
    Blinks twice and pauses The cRIO-9058 is in safe mode. Software is not installed, which is the factory default state, or software has been improperly installed on the cRIO-9058. An error can occur when an attempt to upgrade the software is interrupted. Reinstall software on the cRIO-9058.
    Blinks three times and pauses The cRIO-9058 is in user-directed safe mode, or the cRIO-9058 is in install mode to indicate that software is currently being installed. This pattern may also indicate that the user has forced the cRIO-9058 to boot into safe mode by pressing the reset button for longer than five seconds or by enabling safe mode in MAX. Refer to the Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Help for information about safe mode.
    Blinks four times and pauses The cRIO-9058 is in safe mode. The software has crashed twice without rebooting or cycling power between crashes.
    Continuously blinks The cRIO-9058 has not booted into NI Linux Real-Time. The cRIO-9058 either booted into an unsupported operating system, was interrupted during the boot process, or detected an unrecoverable software error. If the problem persists, contact NI for support.
    On momentarily The cRIO-9058 is booting. No action required.
    Off The cRIO-9058 is in run mode. Software is installed and the operating system is running.
    Table 3. User LEDs
    LED LED Color Description
    USER1 Green

    Use LabVIEW Real-Time to define the USER1 LED with the RT LEDs VI. For more information about the RT LEDs VI, refer to the LabVIEW Help.

    USER FPGA1 Green Use the LabVIEW FPGA Module and NI-RIO Device Drivers software to define the USER FPGA1 LED. Use the USER FPGA1 LED to help debug your application or retrieve application status. Refer to the LabVIEW Help for information about programming this LED.
    Table 4. SD IN USE LED Indicators
    LED Pattern Indication
    Solid A microSD card is present and mounted.
    Off No microSD card is present.
    Table 5. Ethernet LED Indicators
    LED LED Color LED Pattern Indication
    ACT/LINK Off LAN link not established
    Green Solid LAN link established
    Flashing Activity on LAN
    10/100/1000 Yellow Solid 1,000 Mb/s data rate selected
    Green Solid 100 Mb/s data rate selected
    Off 10 Mb/s data rate selected

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