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User Responsibilities

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    When deploying the safety system, users must:

    • Create and configure the system HMI
    • Define the system response for diagnostics in the User Program
    • Be aware of and account for all documented known issues
    • Validate and test the safety system prior to deployment
    • Verify the safety response time of the system
    • Document the validation test plan and results to demonstrate 100% test coverage.
    • Change the module's mode to Operational Mode

    When operating the safety system, users must:

    • Monitor the HMI and/or module LEDs
    • Conduct periodic proof tests as required by the application
    • Respond to faults and detected unsafe conditions according to the safety plan
    • Call National Instruments if the Internal Fault LED flashes more than three times then pauses.

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