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Timing Transitions

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    • Each state machine supports up to six timers.
    • Timing transitions read as true after a specified time elapses.
    • Maximum transition time is 4,096 hours.
    • Minimum transition time is constrained by the maximum application processing time: 60 µs.
    Table 1. Timer Accuracy
    Timer Value Timer Accuracy
    Minimum Maximum
    Timer value4,096 µs Timer value + 30 µs Timer value + 60 µs
    4,096 µs < timer value4,096 ms Timer value + 1.06 ms
    4,096 ms < timer value4,096 s Timer value + 1 s
    4,096 s < timer value4,096 hours Timer value + 1 hour
    Table 2. Timing Logic
    Type Syntax Keywords
    Timing Transition After x <keyword>

    us, µs, ms, s, min, mins, hr, hrs, day, days

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