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    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    States represent a set of driven outputs that run until specified inputs trigger a transition. A single state machine supports up to 32 states. Drag and drop states from the palette in the state machine diagram and modify states in the diagram or on the Item tab of the Configuration pane.

    Figure 1. State Item Tab
    1. State icon—The icon and label indicate whether the state is simple or compound.
    2. State name—This field allows you to rename the state.
    3. Make this state initial button—This button allows you to set any intermediate state as the initial state for that state machine or compound state. Compound states can also be set as the initial state for a state machine.
    4. Signal states field—This field contains the signal values for simple states or the default signal values for compound states.
    5. Documentation—The documentation section provides helpful information about states.
    6. Detailed documentation link—This link connects to the C Series Functional Safety Manual on

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