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Output Signal Value Syntax

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    States require Boolean statements to set output signal values. Statements include the channel or variable name and a keyword that defines the signal value.

    Follow these guidelines when writing output signal values:

    • You must use the channel name or variable name defined in the Name column of I/O Configuration table. Do not use the name defined in the Hardware name column.
    • Keywords are not case-sensitive.
    • Only one state machine can write to a given output channel or variable.
    • The User Program resolves the innermost state for a given output or variable.
    Table 1. Output Signal Value Syntax
    Type Syntax Keywords Notes
    Output channel <channel name> = <keyword> True Energizes channel
    False De-energizes channel
    Flash Output toggles at user-configurable interval
    Passthrough Allows monitoring VI in LabVIEW to set output value
    Variable <variable name> = <keyword> True Sets variable value to true
    False Sets variable value to false
    UserLED0 UserLED0 = <keyword> True Sets LED on
    False Sets LED off
    Flash Sets LED flashing behavior

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