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Starting a User Program from LabVIEW

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    You can use an Invoke Node in LabVIEW to start the User Program on your C Series Functional Safety module. You must start the User Program from LabVIEW in the following situations:

    • You disable auto start in the User Program by deselecting the box on the Module and Diagram tab of the Functional Safety Editor.
    • User-configurable faults in the User Program trigger Fail-safe Mode.

    What to Do

    1. Drag the C Series Functional Safety module (NI 935x) from the LabVIEW project and drop it onto the block diagram to create a reference constant.
    2. Right-click the reference constant and select Create»Method for 935x Class»Start Program to place the Invoke Node.
    3. Wire the reference constant to the reference terminal on the Invoke Node.

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