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    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    Setting the digital output value to passthrough allows you to write directly to digital output channels through Scan Interface.

    Use the following syntax to configure a digital output channel for passthrough:

    <channel name> = passthrough, where <channel name> is the name of the digital output channel defined in the I/O Configuration table.

    When communication to the controller is lost, the output value of the passthrough channel will be set to False. Once communication is restored, Scan Interface will be able to write the output value to the passthrough channel.


    Digital passthrough may behave differently depending on which version of the firmware you have installed. For more information about differences in firmware versions, refer to the C Series Functional Safety Firmware Versions section.


    The digital passthrough bypasses the User Program and should not be used for safety-critical outputs.


    Consider using passthrough during proof tests or when validating your system.

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