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Module and Diagram Tab

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    The Module and Diagram tab allows you to configure settings for the C Series Functional Safety module and for the User Program.

    Figure 1. Module and Diagram Tab
    1. Name—Displays the filename of the .fsp
    2. NI safety module—Selects the C Series Functional Safety module that will run the User Program
    3. GUID—Displays the unique ID of the User Program
    4. Build Number—Displays the build number of the User Program
    5. Auto start—Disables or enables the auto start function for the User Program
    6. Fault Latch Time—Sets the fault latch time for the User Program
    7. State machine name—Sets the name for the current state machine in the User Program
    8. Default signal values—Displays the default signal values set on the I/O Configuration table

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