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Minimum Required Competency

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    All persons involved with planning, installing, connecting, or configuring software and hardware for use in safety systems that employ C Series Functional Safety modules must meet the following minimum competency requirements:

    • Be informed about dependencies, risks, and consequences associated with safe operation, failure, and unsafe system conditions of any system employing C Series Functional Safety Modules.
    • Have appropriate training and knowledge in the operation and implementation of industrial processes, measurement and control, automation, electrical engineering, and safety compliance.
    • Have sufficient knowledge of all applicable codes, laws, regulations, and standards, including IEC 61508:2010.
    • Be familiar with and have access to all requirements, conditions, specifications, and guidelines in all applicable NI documentation including hardware documentation for the C Series Functional Safety module and CompactRIO chassis and the C Series Functional Safety manual.

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